Contribution: Benjamin Ward-Cherrier, et al.

The TacTip project: Biomimetic 3d-printed optical tactile sensors

Benjamin Ward-Cherrier, Nick Pestell, Luke Cramphorn, Benjamin Winstone,
Maria Elena Giannaccini, Jonathan Rossiter and Nathan F. Lepora
Bristol Robotics Laboratory, University of Bristol
Bristol, UK

Tactile sensing is an essential component in human-robot interaction and object manipulation. Here we present the TacTip family, a range of 3D-printed optical tactile sensors with various morphologies. All of these sensors are based on the same design principle: tracking biomimetic pins based on the intermediate ridges in human fingers. The performance of the TacTip, TacTip-GR2, TacTip-M2 and TacCylinder sensors are here evaluated to sub-millimeter accuracy on a rolling cylinder task. Our sensors are designed for a range of real-world applications in tactile perception, exploration and manipulation which will advance research and form the basis of further innovation in tactile sensing.